E-commerce & Fulfilment.

Lux Group offers bespoke services designed to meet the special needs of start-ups and established brands.

Lux Group is the perfect order fulfilment partner for brands and businesses.

Lux Group 3PL order fulfilment services are tailored to support start-ups, established brands and businesses, our fulfilment solution and personal account management support ensures product orders are delivered out to your end customers, on time for increased loyalty.

Lux Group is the perfect order fulfilment partner for brands and businesses. As a multi-channel fulfilment company, we can support all of your fulfilment order needs, from business to consumer, business to business and even dropshipping. We create a partnership approach, with our flexible IT support and integrations ensuring transparency of stock and batch control.

Order Fulfilment Process

1. Goods in: All goods are checked in and put away within 48 hours by our team of highly skilled staff. Any discrepancies are logged and are notified to you through our in house software.

2. Warehouse Storage: With modern secure facilities, all products can be inventory bar-coded ensuring it can be controlled and monitored. However, if they are not barcoded we can use SKUs to house your products.

3. Order management: We have 3 ways in which we can receive orders, direct integration with your selling platform or platforms, CSV order files and finally by manually adding the order to our in house software.

5. Pick, Pack and Dispatch: Once an order is pushed through our software, it is assigned to one of our pickers who will then pick the item or items off its location and bring it to the packing area.

6. Shipping: You can set shipping rules by Country or let the software auto select based on the customer’s requirements (tracked /untracked / quickest / cheapest).

7. Returns: We accept returns which can be automated through our software and give your customers the choice for drop off or collection.


Use our FAQ to find the question we're asked most often.

Do you charge set up fees?

There are no set up fees when signing up to Lux Group. In case where you require specific development work to support your business, development charges may apply and will be discussed before signing up.  

Do you offer a returns service?

Yes, we offer all our clients returns. We will check the condition of each product received, inform our clients of its condition and if suitable we will replenish it.  Currently we do not offer a returns shipping service.

Do you have a minimum amount of SKUs?

Our packages are based upon the customer’s needs; we do not have a requirement for a minimum amount of SKUs.

How much are your fulfilment charges?

We pride ourselves in offering a bespoke service, therefore, we provide each customer with bespoke price based upon the number of SKUs and the number of orders being fulfilled every month.

Do you have a 3PL software?

We have our own in house 3PL software which can be accessed by our customers at any time to have a look at their inventory, orders, generate reports and invoices.

What e-commerce platforms do you integrate with?

We integrate with many different e-commerce platforms, including the most common platforms such as Amazon, Ebay and Woo Commerce.

Do you ship parcels internationally?

Yes, we work with many courier providers and offer international transport via, air and road.

Can I upload orders into your 3PL software manually?

Yes, you can upload orders manually as well as through a csv file.

What type of products do you fulfil?

We handle most products such as clothing, swim wear, accessories and electronics. We do not handle any food or hazardous goods.

Do you have any hidden fees?

There are no hidden charges, all chargers are made transparent to our customers at the time of signing up.

Do you offer packing to our requirements?

We offer bespoke packing based upon our customers’requirements.

Can I visit your warehouse?

Yes, provided you give us 48 hours’ notice before the date you wish to visit.

What is the maximum weight of a package I can send?

With our wide range of courier providers, we do our best to find you the most suitable courier for your product. We can also offer dedicated services should the height and weight be too big for your conventional courier providers.

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